The Producing Urban Asylum project has produced a number of publications, with more still to come. The papers below should be freely available through Open Access, but if for any reason you can’t access these do let me know.

Darling, J. 2016 Asylum in austere times: instability, privatisation, and experimentation within the UK asylum dispersal system Journal of Refugee Studies online earlyview

Darling, J. 2016 Privatising asylum: neoliberalisation, depoliticisation, and the governance of forced migration Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 41(3) 230-243

Darling, J. 2016 Forced migration and the city: irregularity, informality, and the politics of presence Progress in Human Geography online earlyview

Darling, J. 2014 Another letter from the Home Office: reading the material politics of asylum Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 32 484-500


You can find out more about my other past publications via Google Scholar here. Some of my past publications are listed below, along with links to the journals in which they are published. If you would like to read any of these and cannot access them due to journal restrictions please contact me and I would be happy to pass on copies of my work, thanks.

Darling, J. 2014 Emotions, encounters and expectations: the uncertain ethics of ‘the field’ Journal of Human Rights Practice 6(2) 201-212

Darling, J. 2014 From hospitality to presence Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 26(2) 162-169

Darling, J. 2014 Asylum and the post-political: domopolitics, depoliticisation and acts of citizenship Antipode 46(1) 72-91

Darling, J. 2013 Moral urbanism, asylum and the politics of critique Environment and Planning A 45(8) 1785-1801

Squire, V. and Darling, J. 2013 The “minor” politics of rightful presence: justice and relationality in City of Sanctuary International Political Sociology 7(1) 59-74

Darling, J. Healey, R.L. and Healey, L. 2012 Seeing the city anew: asylum seeker perspectives on belonging in Greater Manchester North West Geography 12(1) 20-28

Darling, J. 2011 Domopolitics, governmentality and the regulation of asylum accommodation Political Geography 30(5) 263-271

Darling, J. 2011 Giving space: care, generosity and belonging in a UK asylum drop-in centre Geoforum 42(4) 408-417

Darling, J. 2010 A city of sanctuary: the relational re-imagining of Sheffield’s asylum politics Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 35(1) 125-140

Darling, J. 2009 Becoming bare life: asylum, hospitality and the politics of encampment Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 27(4) 649-665

Darling, J. 2009 Thinking beyond place: the responsibilities of a relational spatial politics Geography Compass 3(5) 1938-1954






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