102I present work from the Producing Urban Asylum project on a relatively regular basis at academic conferences, to academic seminars, and to policymakers and the public too.  Over the last two years, I’ve presented this work to audiences at the Universities of Antwerp, Cambridge, Frankfurt, Keele, Leicester, Oxford, Sheffield, Sussex, and York. Over the coming months, I’ll be presenting work at the forthcoming events;

7th February 2017, Asylum in austere times: crisis, endurance, and the possibilities of urban belonging, part of the Urban Crisis Seminar Series, London School of Economics

8th February 2017, Fragmenting families: governing family live through the UK asylum dispersal system, part of the Migration and Families in Europe Conference, University of Manchester

15th March 2017, Outsourcing responsibility: distance, deferral, and immunity in the governance of refugees in urban Britain, part of the School of Geographical Sciences Seminar Series, University of Glasgow

18th-21st June 2017, Sanctuary, immunity, community: on the biopolitics of sanctuary, part of the Nordic Geographers Conference, University of Stockholm

28th-30th June 2017, Refugee mobility and the politics of urbanism, part of the IMISCOE Annual Conference, University of Rotterdam

If you’re interested in hearing more about the project please contact me here.


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