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IMG_0154Producing Urban Asylum focuses on four key UK cities which have diverse histories of migration, each of which has been home to dispersed asylum seekers since the implementation of the dispersal system in 2000. More details on this system and its effects can be found below, together with background details on each of the four cities studied in this project. As the research develops additional information will be added to each city’s overview to reflect the project’s developing account of asylum and the city in each case.

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Dispersal in the UK

Find out more about the UK's system of dispersing asylum seekers to towns and cities across the country and the effects of this system...

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Birmingham has the second largest urban economy in the UK and has seen significant post-industrial redevelopment and economic diversification...

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Cardiff is the tenth largest city in the UK and the capital of Wales, with a population of 346,100 in 2011...

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Glasgow’s economy is based upon a range of financial services, creative industries, tourism and continued manufacturing...

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Sunderland has a heritage in shipbuilding, coal-mining and glass-making...


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